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When your product launch depends on meticulously-developed processes and adherence to intricate timelines, Primera Plastics’ engineering team ensures superior results, delivered on-time. Our proven Prototype Analysis Program assists our engineers in selecting the correct polymers for your project, as well as verifies existing specifications will meet your quality goals, before production begins. Our proven processes, along with the experience of our team, ensures consistent, reliable and high-quality parts.

At Primera, we understand the hard work and expertise that went into your product development. We’re committed to seeing your product through to a successful launch.

Prototype Analysis Program

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Upload your product design or CAD drawing

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Primera executes our data-driven prototype evaluation, including resin/material selection, mold-flow modeling and key quality metrics projections

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We validate specifications or provide recommended alterations

Primera can help make sure your mold, materials and part are optimized to ensure you're getting the most out of your production.

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We have 25 years of expertise making tens of millions of plastic injection molded parts.

Value Engineering

Primera Plastics offers value added services and value engineering support through the entire launch and production phase. We also commit to continuous improvements in all aspects of the project through regular internal reviews that can identify opportunities for: cycle time reductions, material improvements, technology review, etc.

The Primera Plastics engineering group is an invaluable member of your engineering team. Our passion is to minimize risk in the design and specification stages, and to demand the highest level of quality, consistency and on-time delivery. Let our team of plastics scientists take your specifications and make them more than a reality – a dream come true.

Our team of expert injection molding engineers will help you:

Reduce costs - Increase quality - Improve processes - Eliminate waste - Speed up release to market


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