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At Primera Plastics, quality is more than a priority – it is our livelihood. Our business is built on tight tolerances and product perfection, so our commitment to quality is part of our DNA. We adhere to AIAG’s Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) standards and guidelines to ensure gold standard results. Building on APQP, we’ve developed our own additional proprietary process that designs quality into our parts, processes and programs – with the ultimate goal of zero defects.

Your project deserves a partner who understands how quality impacts every stage of the process — a partner who has built quality into every system, and who believes that quality is the foundation on which to build a business. That partner is Primera.

Primera’s expert launch team: a Program Manager, Quality Engineer and Process Engineer lead the communication and new tool launches through our Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) process.

Primera’s Right Part | Right Price Plan

Production Planning & Implementation

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Gather the Program Launch Team, review and analyze designs, identify success factors, reviewing savings opportunities

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Material selection, timeframe considerations from planning to production to packaging

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Develop and test all internal processes to ensure specifications are met and revised as needed

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All aspects are reviewed and finalized, data and outputs evaluated. This is go time.

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Test runs are completed, hand off meetings held, SPC instructions are verified

Find out how you can improve your quality metrics with Primera processes in place to make consistency the standard.

“Primera defines the type of customer we look for in a partner. They take a true collaborative approach in discovery of product and process solutions.”
Boyd Corp Partner

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Quality Standards

Accurate Measures. Every Time.

Primera Plastics is a world-class plastic injection molding company that maintains tight tolerances for the most demanding plastic injection-molded parts. We use Statistical Process Controls (SPC) and Scientific Molding Technology to ensure that our products are produced to the most exact specifications. Our RJG-certified engineers and technicians understand plastic molding and offer their expertise and experience for every project.

Our climate-controlled quality testing lab ensures consistent temperature and humidity.

Your tool designs and client production tracking data are available at any time.


Testing capabilities include:

  • Color inspection light booth
  • Spectrometer
  • Type-1 gage study
  • Gage repeatability and reproducibility (Gage R&R)
  • Custom gaging
  • CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
  • Minitab quality graph
  • End of line testing

Our Investment in your Success

Accuracy doesn’t only involve measurements. It also comes from excellent processes on machines that are updated regularly and highly-maintained. We operate a variety of presses and machines that deliver the highest quality components ranging from 40T – 720T+.

When quality marks aren’t being met, the pressure to move your project becomes immediate. At Primera, we specialize in tooling takeover and mold transfer services. Our expertise takes the frustration and worry out of your project, eliminates lag time and ensures your projects meet more than their deadline – they meet your high standards.

Safety and Quality in All We Do

We adhere to the highest safety standards to guarantee the safety of our employees and all those who enter our production facilities. All OSHA guidelines are strictly followed and for all new automation processes and builds – worker safety is a top priority.

We also know that safety standards guard against unseen delays and costs. While we commit to processes that preserve the health and well-being of our workers, we understand that safety also helps the bottom line. Surely, that’s a win-win.

Your Quality is in Capable Hands

Many companies grow in volume, but don’t prepare their workforce for the changing needs. At Primera Plastics, we are committed to providing our employees with extensive training and development to meet our customers’ demands. We also make sure our new hires possess non-trade skills like pride in work, ownership mentality and professionalism.

Our employees use visual controls, standard operating procedures (SOP) and documented process monitoring for the highest level of quality in all of our programs.

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