Transitioning Your Tools

We Specialize in Tooling Takeovers and Mold Transfer Services

A production running short of your timeline isn’t an ideal scenario for anyone. However, when it happens, the solutions need to be fast and flawless. If you find yourself in a must-move situation, we can review, revise and get your program up and running without delays. At Primera, we pride ourselves on being there when you need us most.

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Determine the tooling and/or production requirements

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Set the takeover timeframe to avoid production delays

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Deploy the Primera Plastics Takeover Action Team to implement plan

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Set up the new environment for successful process transfer

"Within 5 business days of the tool transfer we were shipping parts with no impact on the production timeline." - Primera customer

Pride in Problem Solving

A past client was experiencing several issues with their former supplier – they didn’t employ process control and were making tooling changes without the client’s knowledge. They were also using the tool in a press that kept breaking down, without a backup press to assist. Inevitably, this resulted in heavy delays and the client was forced to airship parts overseas, adding excessive and preventable costs to their bottom line. While the supplier eventually absorbed those costs, parts were often delayed in Customs and many deadlines were missed.

Primera Steps In

Once the client gave us a call, we immediately started to work with them on a plan to bring the tools in-house. We flew to the supplier’s location to review their molding process, and inspect the tools and packaging to guarantee we were 100% prepared to receive the shipment of tools and begin production as soon as possible for a seamless transfer. When the tools arrived on our loading dock, we immediately re-wired and re-configured our equipment and were molding parts within hours that met the sample standards provided by the previous supplier.

Primera Adds Value

Rather than stop there, we kicked off a full capability study on the parts and air freighted them for fit and function testing. We also completed a thorough and comprehensive tool review with the client present, and made multiple recommendations that would improve the quality, efficiency and longevity of both the tool and molded parts. The client immediately agreed and we sent the tool for repairs. The result? Improved quality that passes the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) conducted by the end manufacturer.

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